Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Issar, S. (2021). “Theorizing ‘Racial/Colonial Primitive Accumulation’: Settler Colonialism, Slavery, and Racial Capitalism.” Race & Class, 63(1), 23-50.

Issar, S. (2021). “Listening to Black Live Matter: Racial Capitalism and the Critique of Neoliberalism.” Contemporary Political Theory, 20(1), 48-71. (Online First: April 2020)

Book Chapters

Issar, S., Brown, R., McMahon, J. (2021). “Rosa Luxemburg and the Primitive Accumulation of Whiteness.” In J.A. Gordon and D. Cornell (Eds.), Creolizing Rosa Luxemburg (343-370). Rowman & Littlefield International.

Invited Book Reviews and Review Essays

Issar, S. (2022). “Agrarian Labor, Property, and Locke: Fashioning a Transnational Political Theory of Colonization.” Political Theory (50th Anniversary Special Issue; Forthcoming).

Issar, S. (2022). “Unsettling the Politics of Race: A Review of Kevin Bruyneel’s Settler Memory.” Theory & Event (Forthcoming).

Issar, S. (2018). “Class, Race, and Marxism by David R. Roediger.” The Black Scholar, 48(4), 75–78.


Issar, S., Padlioni Jr., J. (2020). “‘To Address Black Suffering is to Destroy the World’: An Interview with Frank B. Wilderson, III on Afropessimism.” Interfere: Journal for Critical Though and Radical Politics, 1(1), 92-113.

Manuscripts in Progress

Issar, S. “Conceptualizing Abolition Democracy: From Reconstruction to Neoliberalism” (in progress)

Issar, S. “Rethinking the Racial Contract” (in progress)

Issar, S. “The Two Bhagats: The Fraught Politics of Race and Caste in the Interwar Period” (in progress)