Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Issar, S. (2021). “Theorizing ‘Racial/Colonial Primitive Accumulation’: Settler Colonialism, Slavery, and Racial Capitalism.” Race & Class, 63(1), 23-50.

Issar, S. (2021). “Listening to Black Live Matter: Racial Capitalism and the Critique of Neoliberalism.” Contemporary Political Theory, 20(1), 48-71. (Online First: April 2020)

Book Chapters

Issar, S., Brown, R., McMahon, J. (2021). “Rosa Luxemburg and the Primitive Accumulation of Whiteness.” In J.A. Gordon and D. Cornell (Eds.), Creolizing Rosa Luxemburg (343-370). Rowman & Littlefield International.

Invited Book Reviews and Review Essays

Issar, S. (2023). “Agrarian Labor, Property, and Locke: Fashioning a Transnational Political Theory of Colonization.” Political Theory, 51(1), 262-270. (50th Anniversary Issue)

Issar, S. (2022). “Unsettling the Politics of Race: A Review of Kevin Bruyneel’s Settler Memory.” Theory & Event, 25(4), 954-958 doi:10.1353/tae.2022.0051.

Issar, S. (2018). “Class, Race, and Marxism by David R. Roediger.” The Black Scholar, 48(4), 75–78.


Issar, S., Padlioni Jr., J. (2020). “‘To Address Black Suffering is to Destroy the World’: An Interview with Frank B. Wilderson, III on Afropessimism.” Interfere: Journal for Critical Though and Radical Politics, 1(1), 92-113.

Manuscripts in Progress

Issar, S. “Conceptualizing Abolition Democracy: From Reconstruction to Neoliberalism” (in progress)

Issar, S. “Rethinking the Racial Contract” (in progress)

Issar, S. “The Two Bhagats: The Fraught Politics of Race and Caste in the Interwar Period” (in progress)